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How Contractors Are Successfully Using their Website for Digital Marketing
August 3, 2020
Take a moment to think about the last time you searched online for a product or service.  You likely selected the top search result and clicked it to see if the website you selected answered your question. Within the first few seconds of arriving on a web page, most people can decide if the website…... Read More
The Top 3 Digital Marketing Channels Every Contractor Should Be Using
July 27, 2020
The use of digital marketing within the business sector has exploded over the past decade. Retail, health, entertainment, and even the legal industry have embraced digital marketing, using it strategically to gain brand awareness on a global scale. Unfortunately, the construction industry has been slower to latch on to the capabilities of digital marketing, with…... Read More
The Digital Age: How Contractors are Leveraging Digital Marketing to Attract and Retain High Potential Employees
July 22, 2020
Construction is an industry with an aging workforce.  Each year, we lose front line employees, skilled transportation officials, industry vendors, and iconic thought leaders to retirement.  As much as we would like to think we’ve got their shoes filled; we do not.  Professional growth in construction is primarily through on the job training, with the…... Read More
How Contractors Are Utilizing Digital Marketing to Catapult their Visibility Online
July 14, 2020
Over the past decade, the way buyers consume information, select brands to follow, and make purchases has changed.  Where the use of off-line marketing tools like printed advertisements or phone calls were once effective, those antiquated marketing strategies have been replaced with digital marketing.  What is digital marketing?  To some, the term is a bit…... Read More
The Race to Become a Digital Contractor
July 6, 2020
Have you noticed the significant gap in the utilization of technology and all things digital in the construction industry? On the advanced side of the extreme, you have GPS guided heavy equipment that guides itself to specific grades and depths and needs very little or no human help to do it. On the archaic side…... Read More
COVID-19 Numbers are Climbing Quickly. Here are 3 Ways to Have Your Business Ready for Another Business Shutdown
June 29, 2020
Business owners are in a tough spot! Just when we saw businesses start to open up and things starting to get back to normal, we see numbers spiking virtually in every state in the country. Is a second shut down looming? You have barely survived the first shut down. You may be asking how could…... Read More

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