25 Creative Video Content Prompts For Online Marketing

Video is the king of content. Not only do videos consistently perform better in algorithms (which boosts your visibility), but they are the key to grabbing your audience’s attention and inciting meaningful engagement. Videos are the most digestible and sought-after forms of digital content.

When’s the last time you fell down a YouTube rabbit hole? Almost every online user seeks videos for information, instruction, inspiration, and straight-up entertainment. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to connect with your customers! 

A good rule of thumb is the 80/20 rule: 80% of your content should inspire empathy and provide value to your target audience without directly promoting your business. You can then dedicate the other 20% to promotions, sales, and advertisements for your products and services. Even these promos should not be overt; it’s best to focus on your customers’ pain points, then build entertaining advertisements that offer attractive solutions.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make when creating content is a lack of personalization and a human touch. Your followers want to see faces, hear inspiring and entertaining stories, and to feel like they know you and your team members. This will encourage engagement and long-term loyalty in a way direct advertising simply cannot.

When marketing your business online, your primary goal should be to cultivate meaningful and lasting relationships with your current and potential customers.

Below our team of social media and content strategists have compiled a list of 25 creative video prompts that are sure to grab and hold your audience’s attention.

Tell Your Business’s Story

  1. “Who We Are”
  2. “Why We Do What We Do”
  3. “Our Company Values Explained”
  4. “An Inside Look at Our Company Culture”
  5. “The Story of Us: How, When, and Why We Were Founded”

Introduce and Highlight Your Team Members

  1. “Meet Our Team Members”
  2. “Employee Highlight: A Day on the Job”
  3. “Employee Compilation: Random Trivia about Our Team”
  4. “How Our Team’s Family Life Positively Affects their Work Life”
  5. “Employee Highlight: This Funny Thing Happened the Other Day…”
  6. “An Inspirational Personal Story”
  7. “5 Key Habits to Live Your Best Life, According to My Employees”

Provide Value and Establish Your Business as an Industry Leader

  1. “A Myth About Our Industry and the Real Facts”
  2. “We Realized We’re Industry Experts When…”
  3. “Answering the Top 5 Questions We Get from Clients”
  4. “Our Favorite Result that Our Company Provides”

Provide Value through Entertainment

  1. Time Lapse
  2. “Describing Our Most Popular Service to a 5-Year-Old”
  3. Before-and-After Compilations
  4. “A Live Q&A Session with Giveaways”
  5. “Here’s A Truth Bomb You Need to Know”
  6. Create a Fun Parody
  7. Offer a Fun and Exclusive Behind-the-scenes Sneak Peek
  8. “Meet our Team’s Pets and Kids”
  9. Animation Videos that Explain a Complicated Process in a Digestible Way

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