5 Strategies for Repurposing Content

One of the biggest misconceptions with digital marketing is that you need to create lots of different types of content daily to increase engagement. In reality, you can create just as much engagement from one piece of content as you can from many pieces. That is the primary idea for repurposing content; take something you’ve worked hard to create, put a new spin on it, and, voilà, it has renewed life.

Since the original piece of content is already developed, repurposing saves time and allows business owners to reach a new audience. Furthermore, reformatting your content to other platforms means reaching larger audiences. For example, if you publish an e-book and repurpose the information into a podcast, you may reach potential buyers who would not have found the e-book in the first place.

Once you’ve chosen content for repurposing, it’s crucial to find the most effective way to reuse and distribute it. Here are five examples of how to make the most out of the content already created to inspire your repurposing efforts.

1. Use Client Reviews as Social Media Posts

Client reviews are the best pieces of content to repurpose.If you’ve recently received a positive review or testimonial from a customer regarding your product or service, you should definitely consider using that content in a social media post. For example, you can take a positive review you received on Facebook and turn it into an Instagram post or story.

Sharing the review directly onto social platforms or pulling the content into a Canva template and branding a graphic with the review are two very effective ways to repurpose it.Since consumers are more likely to listen to what other users have to say about a product, social posts displaying client reviews will further reassure buyers of their purchasing decision.

PRO TIP: Repurposing glowing client reviews can also improve customer relationships by showing your community you genuinely care about what they have to say.

2. Turn Client Data into Case Studies

If your products or services produce outstanding results for clients, that’s data you want to share!Metrics and other performance measurements offer an excellent opportunity to combine analytical data to make a case study. Case studies allow you to share the exact steps taken to produce positive results for the client.It is also an effective way to demonstrate what a working relationship may look like when utilizing your products or services.Furthermore, it sets the expectations for results they may receive when working with you.

One benefit of converting data into a case study is that it shows your audience you are closely following and interpreting client data, which makes your content educational and more credible.

Many organizations go one step further and turn the case study into a blog post.Other options would be to make the case study into a content offer to potentially boost conversion or as a special download offer for email subscribers.

3. Trim Videos or Podcasts into Short Social Media Tips

One way to repurpose a podcast or video is to create impactful visuals that convey a tip or pointer that helps your community.Images should be unique, on-brand, and industry-specific to capture consumers’ attention on a visually-heavy platform like Instagram. You can utilize free editing tools for trimming videos and podcasts to create the image or clip.

Remember, consistency is essential when repurposing content.It goes a long way to get more eyes and ears on your content when your followers can regularly expect high-quality and informative pieces.

4. Convert a Blog into an Educational How-To Series

Educational resources are the most-widely consumed pieces of content available. Therefore, if you have an old blog post that contains content that can be expanded, consider turning it into an educational series for consumers.

Creating a How-To series is easier than you think.For instance, consider breaking up a blog post specific to pavement maintenance into the following series:

  • How To Identify Signs of Deterioration with your Pavement
  • How To Appropriately Assess Your Pavement
  • How To Choose the Best Pavement Maintenance Technique
  • How To Find the Best Pavement Maintenance Contractor

The key is to continually provide educational pieces that keep people returning to your blog.Once consumers are on your blog, they are more likely to read other content and learn more about your organization’s products or services.

5. Offer a Different Perspective on the Consumer’s Pain Point

Repurposing content to offer a different perspective on the pain points consumers are experiencing can attract a brand-new client. There are four types of customer pain points: finances, productivity, process, and support. If you can deliver engaging and valuable content that speaks directly to your target customer’s pain point, you will likely gain a new client.

An example would be shifting the pain point of a construction-focused blog from “How to Navigate a Slower Economy” to a perspective focused on “How to Attract More Clients.”While the former topic reflects actions taken to manage the situation, the latter explains how to bring in more revenue.Both pieces of content relate to the pain point of finances; however, they offer a different perspective on the topic.


Repurposing content is an incredible time-saver for content creators.It fills in the gaps with your content schedule and is a great way to bolster your organization’s digital presence by offering improvements to SEO and reach.

Get the most out of your content by strategically tracking its performance on each platform and then repurposing your highest-performing posts.Furthermore, before starting a new blog, podcast, video, or article, think about how you may repurpose the content in the future.In the end, as long as you focus on adding value to the original content, your repurposing efforts will be successful.

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