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Class ActioN ADA Lawsuits Due to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Class Action Lawsuits due to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) are skyrocketing. Businesses now need to act quickly to protect themselves.

We have the solution.

ARMOR from Lead Revenue is a complete ADA Accessibility Solution geared for your businesses website providing website easy accessibility in a simple, cost-effective package.

ARMOR is powered by Artificial Intelligence and backed with manual audits to ensure a great website experience that’s accessible for all users on an ongoing basis. Additionally, the complete set of tools provides a deterrent against a predatory class action lawsuit.

Click here to learn more about ADA Compliance and how Lead Revenue can help avoid ADA website compliance lawsuit claims:

Nothing! While many other accessibility tool companies are cheaper, they will charge thousands per audit! A monthly human specialist audit is included in your price.

Yes! This a legal requirement and it is included.

Although there is no true, real or definitive laws regarding ADA compliance on the web, we have created ARMOR to not only stand up to every regulation in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG2.1), but also to go even further by providing even more tools to access your content online. Furthermore, ARMOR has protected 100% of our customers in the courthouse.

Although we cannot predict for certain if any business will be sued, we do know that the average American has a 33% chance of getting sued for something. We can guarantee our ARMOR customers will be protected by our adherence to the ADA compliance requirements.

ARMOR  includes 6 core features: Real time accessibility tools, Screen reader, Monthly audits, 24 hr AI-powered updates, Accessibility Statement and a Human Specialist Audit Review. As mentioned above, our Monthly Human Audit Specialist Review is included each month at no additional cost.

Any and all updates you make to your website will be automatically scrubbed by our AI tool every 24 hours, then analyzed and then updated into ARMOR for updated accessibility - every single day.

Immediately after purchase, our team will build your unique code. Shortly afterwards, you’ll receive an email with the code to install into your website. Simply copy, paste and save!

ARMOR is priced per URL. We provide discounts for 10+ URLs.

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