How to Boost Your Social Media Engagement This Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year again. Thanksgiving is just around the corner! That means it’s time for great food, time with family, and engaging content on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! In the spirit of giving, the Lead Revenue team has put together four ideas your business can use to connect with its audience on social […]

The Five Elements of a Successful Product Page

Social media advertising and search engine optimization (SEO) are powerful tools for driving people to your website. However, if you want to generate a positive return on your investment, you’ll need to convert those visitors into paying customers. A collection of strong product pages will help you maximize those conversions. But what exactly does a successful product page […]

Grow Your Email List With These Expert Tips

Struggling to grow your email list? We’re with you, growing an engaging email list can be quite a challenge. That’s why our team of email marketing experts and digital marketing nerds put our heads together to give you our top tips for effectively growing your email list. Let’s get to work! There are, of course, […]

Three Ways to Lower the CPC of Your Facebook Ads

According to Revealbot, the average cost per click (CPC) across all ad campaigns on Facebook currently sits at about $0.90. If your business is spending significantly more than that, it might be time to begin exploring ways to re-work your marketing strategy to lower your per-person costs. There are, of course, a wide variety of […]

Four Benefits of Adding Live Chat to Your Website

Have you been searching for a way to take your company’s website to the next level? If so, you may want to think about installing a live chat tool. These systems offer a wide range of benefits, including: 1. Improved Customer Service When a customer has a question about one of your products, they don’t […]

Google Paid Search: Can Your Business Survive Without It?

One of the best ways to predict the future is to examine what’s happened in the past. Paid advertising may look different as time goes by, but the continued growth of this massive market means it will likely be around as a valuable form of marketing for a long time to come. Google Paid Search […]

How to Take Your Company’s Newsletter to the Next Level

Every company has different objectives for their email newsletters. Some want to drive people to their website and generate sales, while others want to build excitement around a new product. If your organization’s email newsletter has been falling short of its goals lately, it might be time to make a few improvements. But where should you start? […]

Four Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Would you like to begin generating more leads and making more sales online? If so, you need a content marketing strategy. But what exactly is content marketing? And how can you create a strategy that is sure to deliver consistent results? The Lead Revenue team is here to provide you with all the info you […]

How To Get Started With Local SEO

You want to attract local customers to your business but you’re not sure how…this blog is for you! Any brick-and-mortar or local service business needs a strong, local SEO (search engine optimization) strategy. Whether you’re in real estate, construction, you’re a dealership, a law firm, or a financial firm, you serve your local city or […]

How Purchasing Leads Harms Your Business And What To Do Instead

There are no shortcuts to getting quality leads in your business. Many business owners are tempted to buy leads lists but this can hurt your business. Here’s why and what you can do instead. On March 17th, 2022, the FTC issued a complaint against HomeAdvisor for deceiving its members about the quality and source of its leads […]