The Race to Become a Digital Contractor

  • Brian Hess
Have you noticed the significant gap in the utilization of technology and all things digital in the construction industry? On the advanced side of the extreme, you have GPS guided heavy equipment that guides itself to specific grades and depths and needs very little or no human help to do it. On the archaic side…... Read More

COVID-19 Numbers are Climbing Quickly. Here are 3 Ways to Have Your Business Ready for Another Business Shutdown

  • Carson Neushwander
Business owners are in a tough spot! Just when we saw businesses start to open up and things starting to get back to normal, we see numbers spiking virtually in every state in the country. Is a second shut down looming? You have barely survived the first shut down. You may be asking how could…... Read More

Many Small Business Fail Due to This

  • Brett Sutherlin
Starting a new business can be exciting but after a short period, a lot of businesses can’t cope anymore and call it QUIT. This is common among small businesses and there are a lot of reasons for failing 1. Poor planning Failing to plan might be the shortest route to failure. Many small business owners…... Read More

No-Fail Social Media – Three Steps To Creating Content That Converts Visitors Into Customers

  • Kyle Hendrix
Since the introduction of social media, the way we connect with others has changed dramatically. Now more than ever, it has become easier to reach a vast audience of people who want to learn more about and do business with you. As time goes on, each platform evolves as it matures to serve not only…... Read More

How to Make Your Website Explode with Leads and Make Your Phone Ring Off the Hook

  • Carson Neushwander
Many businesses have a misconception about how digital marketing works. Businesses buy into the idea that you can post about many different aspects of their industry, and as a result, they end up overwhelming their audience. The key to driving traffic to your website is creating consistent content on a weekly basis across all mediums….... Read More

The Three Things Contractors Need to Know About Digital Marketing to Make it in 2020 and Beyond

  • Brian Hess
Build a website that converts Create and distribute content that educates your customers and prospects Be omnipresent – meet your customers everywhere they exist online The construction and contracting world are changing rapidly on a variety of fronts. From the growing challenge companies have finding and recruiting employees to the constant evolution of how customers…... Read More

The Power of Satisfied Customers in Any Business

  • Brett Sutherlin
There are different methods of marketing but customer satisfaction is the most powerful yet neglected tool of marketing. A lot of businesses focus on digital marketing techniques such as social media, SEO, video marketing, but ignore the compound interest generated by satisfied customers. Yes, compound interest is the most powerful force in business and can…... Read More

PACIFIC PALISADES, Calif. June 4, 2020. Lead Revenue, LLC Announces the Appointment of Brian Hess to the Company Board of Directors.

  • Brett Sutherlin
Hess is the President of The Pavement Group based in Pittsburgh, PA. The Pavement Group is the most advanced pavement management company in the country performing asphalt and concrete projects for the largest brands and property owners across all 50 states and Puerto Rico. Hess has been a leader in the paving and asphalt industry…... Read More

As Coronavirus Spreads Digital Marketing Becomes More Important

  • Brett Sutherlin
Marketing and advertising has shifted over the last twelve years. From word-of-mouth to bill-board advertising, television ads to radio ads, marketers have moved on to digital methods of marketing. Thanks to the advent of the internet, marketers are able to strengthen their businesses by creating a strong online presence. Digital marketing has become the order…... Read More

The Importance Of Updating Your Website

  • Brett Sutherlin
When was the last time you updated your website? Was it last month, three months ago, or last year? Wait! Have you ever updated your site before? Not updating a website is common to most webmasters and business owners. You want to keep family, friends, visitors, and clients abreast of new happenings on your storefront…... Read More
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