4 Proven Strategies to Get Your Construction Company on the First Page of Google

  • Valerie Echter

“Google it.”  Be honest, how many times have you heard that phrase or said it to someone else.  Google is the go-to resource for information and education.  Want to know how to best seal your driveway, just Google it.  Want to know how to develop a PowerPoint for your next board meeting, just Google it. 

Every month, there are over 1 trillion online searches on Google. It’s no wonder that Google is the number one search engine used by consumers.  So how does Google work?  The search engine encompasses a massive computer algorithm that takes inventory of every word, image, and video on each web page every second of the day.  With the click of a mouse, it quickly inventories all that data and seamlessly displays which web pages are most relevant to the keyword or phrase used.   

Unfortunately, most consumers do not scroll beyond page one of the search engine page results, which means a business must show up on the first page to get visibility.  How are construction companies doing that? By utilizing a finely tuned keyword strategy, incorporating location-focused components, generating backlinks, and creating valuable content.

Long-tail Keyword Strategy

Long-tail searches make up most searches on Google.  What is a long-tail keyword?  They are the three and four keyword phrases that are specific to whatever you are selling.  As an example, if you chose “contractor” as a keyword (which is short, concise, and overly used), your business most likely would not even break the top 5 PAGES on Google.  However, by using a long-tail keyword like “Gas Station Parking Lot Contractor,” you have a chance to show up on page number 1 of Google, as it is a lesser-used keyword that is very, very specific.  Another example would be to use the long-tail keyword “Apartment Complex Crack Filling Contractor” in place of “Crack Filling.”  Being more defined in the keywords used will help your organization rank higher on Google.

Claim your Business

Contractors are maximizing how often customers see their business in local search results by completing their “Google My Business” page.  Providing updated business information in Google My Business helps businesses’ local ranking on Google while enhancing their presence in Search and Maps too.

Google determines local rankings primarily by relevance and distance.  Relevance means how well a local listing matches the search.  Distance indicates the parameters specified in the search or using the device’s known location or whereabouts.

A unique feature of Google My Business is that business owners can post images, social media content, offers, and events on their page.  With numerous opportunities for exposure, contractors are using their Google My Business page as another platform for consumers to view their services and product offerings.

Backlinks will Drive Traffic

Backlinks are links from one website to a page on another site.  Pages with a high number of backlinks typically have high organic search engine rankings.  When a page has a backlink to it, Google considers it as content that is valuable, useful, and credible.  Think of it as someone else vouching for your business.  The more backlinks your page has, the higher the site will rank in Google and other search engines.

Having a high number of linkable content will entice others to want to link back to your content.  Blog posts, videos, and surveys are examples of linkable assets.   As a reminder, you will get backlinks naturally by producing helpful and informative content. 

Valuable Content

Offering value while providing unique perspectives with your content will engage the audience and ultimately result in a higher return on investment.  The more blog content produced, the more pages get indexed, resulting in increased traffic to a website.   

The strategy of writing 1-2 blog posts every month may not be enough to keep up with the content being produced by others in construction, however.  Leaders in the industry are creating 10+ blogs every single month, and the posts are lengthy!  Averaging nearly 2000 words with actionable steps that lead the consumer through the process of solving their problem is what keeps potential customers engaged and eventually leads to a sale.  

It can be a hard pill to swallow knowing your construction business will have a tough time ranking in any Google searches, particularly when going into it with no real strategy.  The team at Lead Revenue works with contractors to offer a defined course of action based on each organization’s desired level of visibility online.

Many construction businesses have grown substantially in a relatively short time frame by using the proven strategies focused on organic traffic.  With a digital marketing strategy, there are plenty of methods to get your business in front of the consumers you want.  Step into the digital age with Lead Revenue!

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