COVID-19 Numbers are Climbing Quickly. Here are 3 Ways to Have Your Business Ready for Another Business Shutdown

  • Carson Neushwander

Business owners are in a tough spot! Just when we saw businesses start to open up and things starting to get back to normal, we see numbers spiking virtually in every state in the country. Is a second shut down looming? You have barely survived the first shut down. You may be asking how could you possibly survive a second shutdown? I am here to help you overcome your fears and position your business for success in any environment, yes even a second shutdown.

1. Be Omni-present. You need to ensure your business is everywhere 100% of the time. Many businesses have been doing this already, even prior to Covid-19. They have been able to weather the storm in a much more effective manner. We know that website usage with more people being home is at all-time highs. You need to ensure your company can be found! People are looking! Are you visible?

2. Blog. Yes, you hear this word and cringe. You may have heard that you need to maintain an active blog and it takes time and energy. I am here to tell you that you do need to blog continually. Google loves fresh, relevant and local content. Nothing will index or generate traffic to your website faster. Just look below at the actual traffic from the last 7 days at my company, Lead Revenue. You will see that over 400 visitors came from our blogging efforts.

3. Use Social media to direct people back to the blog article that is current. You need to make posts to all social media outlets daily. We call this method content compounding. If you have specific questions about how to set this up. Shoot me a direct email @ [email protected] and I will be more than happy to assist.

Be the authority on the web, look at what is happening as a positive. If your digital presence is lacking. Fear not! There is plenty of time to conform to the new “normal”. This is a perfect time to ramp up your efforts on attracting new business. As web traffic rises you need to have 100% attention on being as omnipresent. Make sure you meet your customers wherever they are on the internet. If you want your business to grow during these times you have to be willing to keep pushing. The businesses that stop will never make it, show people that you are here to help them. You’re not the only one feeling these effects, they are too. So, get your message out there, you won’t let this stop you and neither should they. We are all in this together and community could never be more important right now.

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