How Contractors are Improving the Customer Service Experience with Digital Marketing

  • Valerie Echter

Long-term business success depends on your organization’s ability to create a simple and enjoyable experience for the customer.  That experience starts the moment they start researching your organization and ends at project completion.  Along with fair pricing and quality products, customer service is a critical piece of the customer experience. 

Until most recently, contractors have supported customers via phone conversations or email.  That process has been relatively straightforward, although not necessarily efficient.  Digitalization has given the construction industry the incredible opportunity to be more proactive to current and potential client’s needs.  By deploying and maintaining an up-to-date website and social media pages, contractors are quickly and efficiently getting information to consumers without the need for a phone call or email. 

Let’s review the most prominent ways contractors are streamlining and improving the customer service experience with digital marketing. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are specific questions that contractors get asked over and over by new and existing clients. Instead of regurgitating those responses, contractors redirect clients to their FAQ’s page to view those answers.  After all, your website’s primary function is to be a communication tool for educating and sharing information about your business.

Additionally, FAQ’s allow contractors to explain products and services further while highlighting new concepts or complex services that often prompt questions. FAQ’s also set clear expectations of the products and service offerings you provide.

Frequently Asked Questions include:

  • How much will seal coating my parking lot cost?
  • Can I continue to serve customers while your crews perform pavement maintenance work?
  • How long will the project last?
  • What pavement repair solution is best?

By having a dedicated page that addresses the most common questions of the client, contractors are minimizing the interaction time spent answering the same concern, time, and time again.  Minimizing redundancies translates into employees being able to focus on urgent and unusual customer issues instead.

Furthermore, posting FAQ’s offers the peace of mind all clients desire.  Knowing that others have similar questions helps alleviate some of the stress of managing a construction project.  Additionally, being proactive in minimizing concerns of potential clients helps to build their trust in your ability to complete their work successfully.

Live Chat Coverage

Digitalization, automation and mobile platforms have spoiled consumers.  It has given them the ability to interact with businesses and get whatever product or service they want (in most cases) at a moment’s notice.  Everything from takeout food, grocery ordering, and doctor’s visits can be performed online and within a relatively short time.

Construction customers want that same experience. Offering 24/7 support to a customer is a big selling point for a property manager or pavement owner.  It reinforces your desire to create a good experience for them. 

How are contractors providing extended hours of customer service coverage to customers?  Many contractors are using live chat and other digital media features to enhance the customer experience.  Those features include:

  • Live Web Chat
  • Live Mobile Text Coverage
  • Facebook Messenger

Contractors capitalize on the client’s eagerness to investigate their business website and social sites by proactively engaging with them online.  By acting as their virtual guide and construction expert while they are browsing your site, contractors are building trust with the client. 

Additionally, having live chat personnel answer all the client’s questions while online makes it more convenient for them to move forward with getting a meeting set up with one of your sales team members. 

Incorporating live chat and messenger options with 24/7 accessibility to knowledgeable industry personnel has quickly turned consumers on a construction-focused website and social pages into leads for those organizations.

Webinar and Video Educational Resources

Having webinars and other educational resources readily available on your website can dramatically increase your potential client’s desire to work with you.  Contractors are strategically providing multiple avenues through which a client can get insightful information about products, services, or the industry.  Those resources create value for the potential client, which will inevitably set you apart from other contractors who don’t offer as much information on their sites.  Having digital assets that educate the consumer goes a long way to enhance the customer experience while inevitably adding new clients to your backlog.

In Summary

Given that many consumers look online to research products and services, contractors must have a robust digital presence to grab the attention of those individuals.  Many contractors are leveraging the power of digital media to cut costs, improve responsiveness, generate more leads, and further enhance the customer experience. 

Lead Revenue has decades of experience managing all pieces of the digital media puzzle for contractors looking to improve their customer experience.  If you’re looking to increase leads, sales, and revenue, then contact us today!

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