How to Make Your Website Explode with Leads and Make Your Phone Ring Off the Hook

  • Carson Neushwander

Many businesses have a misconception about how digital marketing works. Businesses buy into the idea that you can post about many different aspects of their industry, and as a result, they end up overwhelming their audience. The key to driving traffic to your website is creating consistent content on a weekly basis across all mediums. In this article, I will cover the three topics to utilize digital marketing to drive traffic and create immediate action from your target audience.

Digital marketing starts with effective targeting. A business cannot scale if they aren’t sending their message effectively to their specific market. Many businesses will not utilize the tools across the internet that can easily drive traffic to their business. One of the biggest struggles in a business is finding the time to consistently drive a focused business message. What makes the difference between a successful business and a failing business is which company is willing to push their message in front of prospective buyers. Businesses need to be targeting their ideal client through both steady content and outreach. At Lead Revenue, we utilize blog posting and related social media to drive traffic every single day. This is called content compounding. We build relative ideas to solve problems for your target audience and deliver that message.

Many businesses strive to push their services in front of their prospects without ever knowing what it is they are trying to solve. To effectively sell a prospect, it starts with knowing how to solve their issue. This is called delivering value. If a buyer needs to purchase a bigger vehicle due to an expanding family, then a salesperson trying to push a sports car will never succeed. The same idea carries with digital marketing! As a business, you do not only need to target your ideal market but first understand that market and Identify the problems they need to solve. How will you demonstrate your product that fills a need for the business if you’re ignorant of their problems?

The biggest driving factor is sharing your company’s story. People don’t buy from just a great graphic or design. They buy into a brand they can trust and a story they feel is something they are willing to support. A business needs to push their brand, and this starts by constantly updating their digital storefront. So many businesses will slap up a website and feel their job is done. This cannot be farther from the truth. For a business to effectively present a platform that will convert traffic into leads, it needs to tell a story. When a visitor comes to a website there need to be consistent calls to action. Like I stated before, we need to call out the problems our prospects face and then deliver a call to action. 90% of businesses fail to do this, and these little details are what makes and breaks a business. The only question left is, are you making sure your business creates the need for your customers to take immediate action?

Lastly, what about phones? Your business must be omni-present. You need to be responsive regardless if there is a website lead or a phone call. The quickest way to win is to be ready on all fronts! If the phone rings or a lead comes in via email, be insanely responsive. This is what it takes to win customers. Customers expect this in 2020 and you must meet their expectations. The more content you publish via your blog, social media, and YouTube, the more your phone will ring! Your website and the increase in phone leads work hand in hand.

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