The Race to Become a Digital Contractor

  • Brian Hess

Have you noticed the significant gap in the utilization of technology and all things digital in the construction industry?

On the advanced side of the extreme, you have GPS guided heavy equipment that guides itself to specific grades and depths and needs very little or no human help to do it. On the archaic side extreme of the industry, you have handwritten proposals and companies that still lack any resemblance of a real online presence.

There is one thing for sure, technology has taken a foothold in the construction industry, and the pace of adoption has accelerated quickly. Contractors around the world are implementing advanced technology solutions that increase efficiency and decrease costs while delivering an unmatched experience for customers buying construction services.

Customer experience in the construction industry? That may sound strange to some of you reading this, but there is no question that the adoption of technology has driven customers to have different expectations when it comes to choosing a contractor.

From the way that these customers find the contractors to work with online to the level of communication they expect from the planning of their project through completion is drastically different than it was just ten years ago. As customer’s expectations have changed, contractors have become more motivated to adopt the things that customers are asking for more frequently. This combination of changes has triggered a race amongst contractors to become a “digital contractor”. 

Here are a few suggestions to be evaluating in your business to ensure that you stay out in front of the digital race:

  1. Make sure that you have a professional website that represents you and your company well, and is easy to understand. It should be a place for prospects or clients to communicate with your company and your team while learning something at the same time.  
  2. Invest the time and money to have a strong social media presence. The statistics speak for themselves. Your customers and prospects are using social media A TON. That means you should be too. 
  3. Implement technology into your business that solves the most common complaints heard from those buying construction services. Those complaints include:
  • Not enough detail in bids/proposals to understand what I am buying.
  • Poor communication before, during, and after their project is completed.
  • Contractors don’t ever do what they say they will do.
  • How will issues be resolved that may arise during their project.

Implementing these technology solutions throughout the customer journey will put you at the top of the list when it comes time for prospects to choose the company they want to have complete their project. Your ability to stay digitally relevant will determine the future success of your company. 

Our team at Lead Revenue is here to help in any way we can to make sure that your company stays out in front of every digital trend. From our ability to guide your online presence to our knowledge of the technology solutions that elevate construction businesses to new levels, we are here to help!

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