The Three Things Contractors Need to Know About Digital Marketing to Make it in 2020 and Beyond

  • Brian Hess
  1. Build a website that converts
  2. Create and distribute content that educates your customers and prospects
  3. Be omnipresent – meet your customers everywhere they exist online

The construction and contracting world are changing rapidly on a variety of fronts. From the growing challenge companies have finding and recruiting employees to the constant evolution of how customers and prospects are finding the contractors they choose to work with, it is safe to say that the digital age has officially arrived in the blue-collar world. It is also fair to say that those companies that don’t adapt to the digital landscape quickly will face a challenging road ahead and could even face extinction soon.

As the construction industry and the customers shopping for construction services continue to adapt to digital more and more, we wanted to share the three critical things that all contractors need to know about digital marketing to make it in 2020 and beyond.

#1. Build a website that CONVERTS not one that’s just visually appealing

Contractors have never had a heavy focus on their websites, and they have historically been late adopters to most things’ technology related. This delayed adoption of digital marketing has led to many construction company websites being at best visually appealing. Still, most of these websites are extremely difficult to navigate for a customer that is looking to buy these types of services.  

These websites should do a few things to convert website visitors to leads and eventually turn prospects into customers. 

First, your website should tell the visitors a story as to why they should choose your paving company over another. A story helps a customer understand who you are and what you do quickly. Please, keep it simple. Your customers and prospects will appreciate that.  The other critical piece of a website that converts would be the ability for visitors to interact with someone when they stop by the digital version of your company’s office to pay a visit. Imagine if a potential client were to stop by your real office and knock on the door, and no one answered. What would happen? They would leave. They will do the same thing on your website if there’s no one there to answer their questions or just to say hello.

#2. Create and distribute content that educates your customers and prospects

It has been said that in 2020 and beyond that regardless of what kind of company you are, the first thing you need to be is a media company. This idea couldn’t be more accurate as digital continues to influence our daily activities and routines more and more.

You will hear many marketing companies say, “content is king,” but we also know that educational content owns the digital kingdom. People love to learn new things, and if you are a company that can provide the information that your customers and prospects want to know, you are going to get people’s attention more often than those that aren’t helping people learn and grow. You need to ensure that you are having content flow where your customers are.

Everyone has different shopping habits. Many are on social media; many enter a question into Google and look for the answer. Blogging can be your secret weapon to get people from Google back to your website. Allow blogging, social media to funnel people back to your website. Think of these as routes that lead back to your airport, your website. The more routes that lead back to the airport, the more traffic that will flow to your website.

#3. Be omnipresent – meet your customers everywhere they exist online

The idea of being everywhere your customers are online sounds sensible, but not many companies include this in their online approach. Being omnipresent would mean being on every social media platform where you would find your customers. It also means putting out the different types of content that your customers might want to consume. From videos to standard posts to podcasts and blogs posted to your website, you must give clients the information they want on their terms, not yours. If you are always in front of people shopping for your services and providing information to people that others don’t, you are going to win market share from your competitors at a rapid rate.

Digital will continue to be the future of how people will decide what companies they want to choose to pave their parking lots, repair their air conditioner, and replace their roof. Taking the three things we discussed in this article seriously will put you at the top of the list when it comes time for customers and prospects to make their choice.

Our team at Lead Revenue is happy to help guide you through the process of navigating what can seem like a complicated path to get from where you are to where you want to be. “Nobody makes it easier than us” is a tagline we live every day. Give us a few minutes of your time and let us guide you through the process of making complicated much easier for you and help you grow your company.

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