Which Social Media Platform is Best for Your Construction Company?

  • Valerie Echter

As more and more consumers jump on the digital bandwagon, it is safe to say that social media is here to stay.  Why has social media become so consuming?  Some point to the fact that it is immediate. As consumers, we WANT everything NOW. 

Additionally, social media provides the consumer with a behind the scenes glimpse into someone else’s world.  Whether it be a video of a sealcoat operation or repair work performed on a milling machine, consumers will always be attracted to and engage with brands that offer a look beyond the safety cones.

So how can contractors use the power of social media to drive revenue growth?  The first step is understanding the benefits of each social platform.


Facebook is a powerhouse when it comes to social media.  Heck, it built the proverbial owner’s manual for social media.  With billions of active users per month, Facebook allows contractors to connect with industry partners and potential consumers across the globe. 

The benefits of having your construction company on Facebook include:

  • Most Active Daily Users
  • Offers Free Business Pages
  • Allows Business Pages to “Follow,” “Like,” and interact as a business page
  • Allows Business Pages to join groups
  • Offers a Business Page news feed, so you can interact and monitor other pages
  • Offers a “LIVE” video feature
  • Business Manager function tracks post analytics
  • Offers paid targeted advertising

Facebook is a useful low-cost marketing tool that allows contractors to share necessary information about their business with consumers.  Along with image and video options, Facebook has a messenger feature that enables a contractor to communicate directly with existing and potential customers.  Furthermore, Facebook users can navigate directly from the social platform to a sales page on your website, shortening your sales cycle.


LinkedIn is a great social platform for contractors looking to grow their brand and increase credibility as an industry expert.  LinkedIn is known as a professional platform, so there are quite a few differences in both the content shared and the features offered compared to Facebook.

The benefits of LinkedIn for business include:

  • Professional atmosphere
  • Largely focused on content
  • Offers Free Business Page Setup
  • “LinkedIn Pulse” feature allows individuals to share professional content with millions of business professionals outside their network
  • Direct messaging permitted with connections
  • “Job Board” feature for employers to post current position openings
  • Offers advertising opportunities to promote products and services

LinkedIn for business encourages construction companies to connect with and create an authentic relationship with customers, industry partners, and employees.  Furthermore, it enhances your ability to be involved with groups and participate in industry forums. LinkedIn has endless opportunities to get your business in front of your ideal client, which will undoubtedly boost your leads and sales.


Instagram is a visual platform that allows contractors to share project images and videos of the work crews are doing.  Instagram is “easy” for consumers to navigate and offers searching options on the platform via the use of hashtags.  Additional benefits of Instagram include:

  • Most visual of all platforms
  • One of the fastest-growing social platforms
  • Customers and users can tag your business in their posts
  • Allows geotagging of images, with locations also being searchable
  • Has incredible insight tools for tracking engagement

With visual content spurring consumers to make a purchase, Instagram is one of the most-effective ways contractors are engaging their clients and showcasing example after example of the work they can do.

Choosing a social media platform for your construction business doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  The social platform that may work best for your construction company comes down to a few basic parameters:

  1. Which platform does your ideal client spend most of their time on?
  2. Which platform do you and your team enjoy using the most?
  3. Which platform best aligns with the content you plan to produce?

The benefits of utilizing social media within construction are endless.  Contractors are looking to social media as a way to increase visibility of their projects, engage customers, build relationships, drive brand authority, and become known as industry leaders.  Having a finely-tuned social media strategy will enable any construction business to drive traffic through a sales funnel, ultimately resulting in more engaged clients and increased sales. Are you ready to take your organization’s social presence to the next level?  Take a step into the digital age with Lead Revenue!

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