Checklist: How To Build An Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

It’s no secret that social media marketing is one of the best ways to connect with your target audience while boosting brand awareness.

But did you know it’s also a surefire way to capture high-quality, high-converting leads?

Social media can become your most valuable resource for generating and converting leads when utilized correctly and intelligently.

However, don’t make the mistake of pushing out paid advertisements and overt promotional posts. These elements certainly can (and should) be part of your overall marketing strategy—but first, you need to develop platforms that provide personality, engaging content, and that all-important human touch.

Personalized and meaningful content should always be the anchor for your social media marketing efforts.

Content and connection are the doors through which you build your brand and cultivate lasting relationships. And the influential power of social media has opened those doors.

Social media marketing is an incredibly cost-effective and powerful opportunity you don’t want to miss. The vast majority of your customers are online and constantly browsing through their social media feeds. Standout content entertains, educates, instructs, and inspires.

It engages in a meaningful and impactful way.

When you connect with a customer and spark their interest, you’re actively building a relationship and generating a powerful new lead.

The following checklist will help you lay the foundation for successful platforms that effectively turn leads into loyal customers.

1. Tell Your Company’s Story

Your brand’s story should include its literal history—such as how, when, and why it was founded—as well as the story of the role your company plays in your customers’ lives. Your target audience doesn’t connect with companies—they connect with you people through emotional means. They want to connect with you.

Think of yourself as the hero of your brand’s story while your team is the supporting cast. Your company is merely the setting, the world, the backdrop.

When was the last time you fell down a video rabbit hole? We guarantee those videos offered value of some kind and that many of them actively told a compelling story.

Content is all around us; it’s the tapestry of our very lives. Find creative ways to connect with your audience by telling those compelling stories.

2. Actively Build Brand Awareness

Intelligent and influential branding allows companies to become much more than just a name.

Consumers are far more likely to purchase products or services from brands they know—or feel like they know. This is proven time and again. They are also more likely to spend money on companies they associate positive emotions with. This is pertinent in the competitive world of social media and digital marketing. At the end of the day, the vast majority of customers choose to buy from brands they recognize and appreciate.

Effective branding cultivates credibility, trust, and a sense of community. When you build these pillars, customers will remember you and want to do business with someone they consider a friendRead up on the benefits of branding.

3. Strategize and Create High-quality Content

This is where the magic of content creation comes into play. There’s a caveat, though: you must discover creative and meaningful ways to engage with your target audience. Through thoughtfully designed content, even the smallest business can stand tall amongst the competition.

You must create high-quality visual and written content with strategic intent.

This content can come in countless forms. However, a single denominator exists across all successful content: it has the power to engage and inspire consumer loyalty.

Learn about content creation and why it’s essential in today’s world.

4. Be Social

This point may seem obvious, though it’s often overlooked. Social media is, after all, a social experience.

Make sure you’re responsive to all comments and messages. Act like a human—sign off replies with your name. Joke around with your audience. Ask questions, and start conversations. Actively visit the pages’ of your partners and businesses (even your competitors) and engage.

And most importantly: be genuine and have fun with it!

Our job at Lead Revenue is to help you tell your company’s story and develop meaningful consumer relationships and trust. Our unique and highly specialized approach builds your brand around outstanding and engaging content.

We combine cutting-edge strategies with unparalleled content production and management. Not only will we work with you one-on-one to craft robustly optimized written and visual materials, but we’ll help you develop, launch, and manage a competitive yearly marketing plan to set your business up for success.

The world of digital marketing is moving fast. Don’t get left behind!

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