Easy Ways to Attract Pavement Owners to Your Construction Blog

The world of blogging has become crowded. Contractors who once had very little to say online are now filling page after page of their website with optimized blog content for the world to read. Additionally, it is common to repurpose each blog into multiple social media content pieces. Stacking those content pieces builds interest from consumers, making your blog a valuable contributor to your marketing efforts.

With thousands of construction-focused blogs published each week, it is essential to be strategic to get your blog to stand out. Let’s review the easiest and most effective way to attract pavement owners to your construction blog.

Discuss Relevant Topics

Writing a blog and hitting “post” will not get you the leads you desire. Blogging is a bit more complicated than that. The first step to writing a blog that attracts pavement owners’ attention is understanding what is important to them right now. What does being relevant mean from a blogging standpoint? 

  • Does your blog address trending topics specific to paving or pavement maintenance?
  • Is the pavement owner currently experiencing the pain points noted in your blog?
  • Does your blog provide a solution to the pavement owner’s current problem?

Being relevant and specific go hand-in-hand. Content should be finely tuned to fit a particular audience. An example of this would be writing about the importance of allowing tenants to utilize portions of a parking lot during construction. This topic is a significant concern for property managers, so speaking to their pain points in a precise way makes them feel as though you can relate to them. It builds trust.

PRO TIP: Do not go too broad with your blog content. Using too many generalities will make your content feel watered-down, thus creating a less engaging blog. 

Quality versus Quantity

Contractors struggle with deciding whether to focus on the quality or quantity of blogs posted. There are pros and cons to each. If this is your struggle, go back to the basics of your blog’s overall goal and how you best want to serve your audience. 

The key to any quality blog consists of using an authentic voice that offers a unique industry perspective. Unless you have an insightful or exciting viewpoint on a topic, your blog probably will not garner the attention you desire. 

With that in mind, it is crucial to gravitate away from the status quo and push the leading edge on topics important to your organization, particularly those that improve the paving or pavement maintenance industries. Examples of how to demonstrate the value your organization brings to the industry would be to create content showcasing:

  • New products or services
  • Re-engineered methods of applying seal coat or paving materials
  • Cutting-edge equipment
  • Efficiencies in processes or workflows
  • Customer-centric initiatives

High-quality content will always consist of educational components that allow the pavement manager to get the results they want. Ultimately, your goal should be to give the reader as much information as possible without disengaging them with information overload.

Although the construction industry thrives on standardization and guidelines, you want to be unique for blog content. Once your team has a thorough understanding of how your organization is different than others, it becomes easier to develop quality blog content that resonates and inspires your readers.

Promote Your Blog

Posting your blog doesn’t automatically mean people will read it. Outreach and other promotional opportunities to further establish your organization as an industry leader are the most reliable factors for improving viewership. 

With this in mind, contractors utilize social media and other digital marketing efforts to drive traffic to their blog content. Specifically, contractors are using social media groups to stretch the reach of their content further. By posting on LinkedIn or Facebook Groups, contractors get visibility of their products and services beyond page followers or the clients on their email list. Many construction-focused groups have tens of thousands of trade professionals viewing group content daily, making it a win-win for both consumers and contractors.

Ultimately, building a network of followers that you’ve spent time cultivating trust becomes an incredibly important tool to extend the visibility of your service and product offerings. Blogs offer a way to share your organization’s uniqueness while educating and solving those ideal clients’ problems. 

After garnering trust, consumers are more apt to follow your advice and tips, creating a perfect opportunity to start promoting your product or service offerings. The amount of “Schedule a Meeting” inquiries from pavement owners or property managers skyrocket at that point. 

Lead Revenue has extensive knowledge of curating and distributing quarterly, monthly, and even weekly blog content for contractors looking to get more leads and book more projects. Let us take the stress of writing blogs off your marketing team’s plate so they can focus on other initiatives. Are you ready to step into the digital age with Lead Revenue?

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