Social Media Management

Take Your Social Media Management Strategies to the Next Level

Our social media management specialists at Lead Revenue can provide the solutions you need to develop and grow your online presence so you can connect to your target audience. Our social media management specialists at Lead Revenue are dedicated to working with your team to develop an effective strategy aimed at not only expanding your online presence but also connecting with your target audience across all channels.
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and More!

We get it, effectively running all of your social platforms can be a tedious and ever-changing process. That’s why our team of social media management experts can help you create unique and engaging content to drive high-quality leads straight to your business.
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Develop Brand Awareness and Industry Credibility

Brands that establish trust with their target audience are much more likely to continue growing. With our efforts, you’ll be able to effectively develop your brand identity and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

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Connect With Your Customers

With our engaging and personalized content, you’ll boost impressions, engagement/reactions, and shares across all of your social media channels. Provide both potential and current customers with engaging and personalized content to drive engagement.

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Drive Traffic to your Website

Convert your social media followers into paying customers by driving them to your website from social platforms.

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Our team of trained social media specialists will review every link, contact button, address, and phone number to ensure everything is correct. Additionally, our team will update your “About” section to exceed industry standards and drive more traffic to your website.

Our team will post a minimum of 3 times weekly with unique, engaging, and lead-generating content that emulates your business’ brand, personality, and identity within the community.

First, our team of Social Media experts will conduct research on your local area, your audience, and evaluate the type of content that best fits your business needs. Secondly, we collaborate with your business on a frequent basis and utilize your images, videos, ideas, news and any highlights that you would like to share with your audience.

ZERO! Every cent you budget to spend on Facebook Ads and/or Google Adwords, goes DIRECTLY to Facebook and/or to Google. 100% of your budget spend goes to promoting your business – that is our promise to you!

If you do not have a Facebook page, our team of Social Media Experts will create a brand new and professional Facebook Page for your business from scratch and will fully optimize the page to exceed industry and Facebook standards. If your existing Facebook page has too many “fake” followers, then we will create a brand new and professional Facebook Page for your business from scratch and will delete the “fake” Facebook page to avoid duplication and confusion.