Website Development

In Today’s Business Arena, Be Focused On Driving More Traffic To Your Own Business Website.

Google and Facebook are among the most profitable companies on the planet. These Social Media advertising platforms are great supplements, IF your website is optimized and already ranking high on Google. Many businesses that aren’t ranking high on Google believe they “must” spend money on these Social Media advertising venues. But, why spend thousands of dollars on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords advertising if your site is not converting well. For example, if you have 5000 visitors to your website, approximately 50 of those visitors will send in a lead. That leaves 4950 visitors that abandon your website, without submitting a lead! Now let’s say you spend $5000 on Google Adwords and Facebook Ads and drive an additional 3000 visitors to the site, sounds like a good idea? Only to find out the hard way that is a huge mistake. Unfortunately, paid search conversion rates will go even farther down on a low converting website. Possibly even below 1%. Paid traffic converts less than organic traffic. This is no myth. So, the big question is WHY? Why throw good money down the drain? The problem is not your traffic.


More is not always better.

The problem is your website! At Lead Revenue, we are very familiar with these website problems and we have a comprehensive solution. Over the years, we have developed proven ways to optimize your website and increase your conversion rate from 1% to 7%!  Then once optimized, it’s okay to spend money on Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to drive more visitors to your website. So, first dial in your website by increasing conversion, then if your business can handle more traffic, integrate paid search advertising to increase traffic to your site. Let us at Lead Revenue help your business by optimizing your website to help you grow your business and revenue to record levels!


    It would be wise to pause all Paid Search spending until conversion optimization is complete. Paid search typically converts less than organic traffic. If your current conversion is around 1% or less- when you factor in the dip in paid traffic, then this is not a positive ROI. Our Lead Revenue client websites convert on average above 5%. Once you achieve this level, then resume spend on paid search. Conversion optimization is still the missing ingredient in 99% of all websites.


    SEO is included in all of our website solutions. The playing field for SEO has been leveled. Google My Business now drives the bulk of all website traffic. Unique content creation is the other remaining factor to drive additional traffic to your website. Be cautious of SEO companies that promise unrealistic results. Some SEO companies still use Blackhat and trickery SEO tactics, which will eventually hurt your website in the long run. At Lead Revenue, we follow Google guidelines, focus on GMB optimization and implement continual unique content compounding strategies to increase your website conversions.