Four Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Would you like to begin generating more leads and making more sales online? If so, you need a content marketing strategy.

But what exactly is content marketing? And how can you create a strategy that is sure to deliver consistent results?

The Lead Revenue team is here to provide you with all the info you need to know! Let’s dive in!

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and distribution of useful, relevant content to an organization’s target market. This content generally takes the following forms:

Effective content marketing can help a company convey its expertise to existing and prospective customers. It will also help the business improve its visibility on search engines like Google. 

Four Essential Elements of a Strong Content Marketing Strategy

Are you ready to begin creating your organization’s content marketing strategy? Awesome! The Lead Revenue team recommends starting with these four essential elements:

  1. Audience Research

To build the perfect content marketing strategy for your business, you will first need to research your audience. Who are they? What do they want to read about?

We suggest using the following methods to gather this information:

  • Analyze Internal Data: Your customer relationship management system (CRM) almost certainly has tons of data about the age, gender, and location of your clients. You’ll find similar information in your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter analytics.
  • Survey Your Customers: A survey can help you learn a lot about your customers. Keep it short, though. If your survey takes 30 minutes to complete, you are unlikely to get a lot of respondents.

Once you have gathered this information, you can then use it to guide your content creation.

  1. Objectives

No content marketing strategy can ever be complete without a clear list of objectives. Your goals should be SMART:

  • Specific: Don’t use vague terms like “increase sales.” Instead, create specific goals like “increase sales by 20 percent.”
  • Measurable: Avoid creating objectives you cannot measure. “Increase brand awareness by 15 percent” is a much better goal than “become a more well-known company.”
  • Attainable: Don’t create goals you’ll never be able to achieve. Instead, opt for objectives that are attainable given the time and resources available to your company.
  • Realistic: No matter how hard you try, your content marketing strategy is never going to triple your sales figures in a week. Set realistic goals.
  • Timely: It’s generally best to avoid creating open-ended goals. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them.

The clearer your objectives are, the easier it will be for you to assess the success or failure of your content marketing strategy in the future.

  1. Brand Guidelines

Before you begin writing any content, you will need to develop some brand guidelines (a set of rules and standards that defines the way your business communicates with the world).

Generally speaking, your brand guidelines should cover:

  • Primary and secondary logos
  • Chosen font styles and sizes
  • Preferred color palette, and
  • Company’s voice and tone

This set of rules will ensure your content is consistent across platforms. 

  1. A Content Calendar

If you want your content marketing efforts to be effective, consistency is key. You need to write and post new content at least a few times a month.

We recommend creating a content calendar to keep you on track. This calendar will outline the topics you plan to cover in the coming weeks and months.

Make sure you include clear due dates in your calendar – and don’t forget to share it with all relevant parties.

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