How To Create Content That Offers One-Of-A-kind Value

A common denominator exists across almost all pieces of engaging content: they offer a one-of-a-kind value. Vapid and uninspired advertisements are outdated and will rarely capture the attention of your target audience. This is where the power of content creation comes into play. To leave a lasting impression and effectively stand out from the crowd in this over-saturated digital market, you need to find creative and meaningful ways to connect with your audience.

This isn’t as difficult as it might sound; the trick is understanding the needs and wants of your previous and future customers, then building a content strategy around these points. Below our team of social media and content experts outline the best practices in identifying—and effectively using—your audience’s wishlist.

Build Powerful Client Personas

Before you can begin strategizing or creating meaningful content, you must take the time to familiarize yourself with your target audience. Sketch out three to five client personas around which you will identify your customers’ pain points, needs, and wants.

Address the following questions when building these client personas:

  • Who are your ideal clients? List pertinent demographics such as gender, age, level of education, location, and average income.
  • What might an ordinary day in their life look like? Who are they dealing with, and what decisions are they making? Who do they report to? Who do they consult with?
  • What are their primary pain points? Describe the key challenges they want to overcome and how these relate to your products and services. How does your business solve their most common problems?
  • What do they value most, and what are their short and long-term goals?
  • Where do they go for information? Identify the primary sources they use to gather information (Google, friends and family, etc.) and what data might influence their purchasing decisions.
  • What’s important to them in selecting a vendor? Is it a company that’s a technology leader, one that’s proven in its experience, one that presents a low price point, a company that’s considered a domain expert, etc.?
  • What are common objections potential clients give when declining your product or service? List the recurring reasons you hear for why your company won’t meet their needs.
  • Consider the style of branding they’d best identify with. Would a vibrant personality most likely attract them? Or would they prefer a more subdued and calming style vibe? 

Thoughtfully Plan and Strategize Your Content

Effective content either entertains, educates, instructs, or inspires; ideally, you want each piece of content to hit several of these ideals.

Once you’ve drafted your client personas and established a consistent branding style, you need to plan and strategize your content around the following goals:

  • Entertain

When was the last time you fell down a YouTube rabbit hole? Social media serves as a de-stressor for many users, and the experience is often addicting.

Social platforms offer a haven in which we seek human connection and re-calibrate our endorphins. Your target audience doesn’t want to be overtly sold to—they want to connect with you in a meaningful way. While always keeping their needs and pain points top-of-mind, brainstorm entertaining content ideas that will capture their immediate interest.

  • Educate

Blogs and social media platforms (YouTube in particular) are among the most popular educational resourcesHow often do you find yourself “Googling” questions or searching YouTube for answers?

Ensure your business is readily available by providing valuable, educational content for your target audience. Example? Brainstorm your customers’ most common questions, then build a blog and connecting YouTube series. Answer these questions while establishing your business as an industry leader.

Note: Make sure your SEO is well-designed so your content excels across the various algorithms. Schedule a free demo with Lead Revenue’s team to see this in action!

  • Instruct

This ideal is very similar to “educate.” It emphasizes providing detailed instructions, often as checklists and how-to blogs, infographics, social media posts, and step-by-step videos. Instructional media is an immensely popular sub-genre—make sure your business is capitalizing on these powerful content opportunities!

  • Inspire

#MondayMotivation is one of the most followed and searched hashtags for a good reason: we constantly strive for direction and ways to better ourselves.

Inspirational content also cultivates meaningful, human connection by its very design. Example? Data is great, but a user is much more likely to engage with a post that details a weight loss success story rather than the cold, hard facts. 

Build Your Business’s Content Strategy Now

If you thoughtfully plan and design your content around the above ideals, we guarantee you’ll set your business up for success. And good news: we’re here to help!

At Lead Revenue, we combine innovative strategies with unparalleled content production and management. Not only will we work with you one-on-one to craft robustly optimized written and visual materials, but we’ll help you develop, launch, and manage a competitive yearly marketing plan to set your business up for lasting success.

Lead Revenue’s advanced content creation service includes:

  • Customized, edited, and branded video optimization.
  • Customized, edited, and branded images.
  • Animated videos and images.
  • Infographic design.
  • Highly customized social media posts that speak through your business’s voice.
  • Intricately researched blog posts.
  • Ebooks to establish your business as industry experts.
  • White paper marketing.
  • Case studies.
  • And more.

No other digital marketing agency offers this dimension of value.

Don’t wait—your customers are all online and ready to connect with you and your business. Schedule a free demo to see how we can lead your digital marketing efforts from conception to creation to conversion.

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