How To Find And Recruit Brand Ambassadors

No matter what business you are in, you have likely inspired a loyal following. These consumers will go the extra mile for your brand because they believe in what you offer. When your top customers actively market your company, you build a community filled with authentic and trustworthy voices. This is one of the best ways to create a social footprint and ignite powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Brand ambassadors use your products regularly, which provides your company with a genuine voice that won’t come across as “salesy.”

If you’d like to recruit ambassadors for your brand, you should begin your search in the following places:

1. Your Email List

Send out information about your new ambassador program directly to your email list. These individuals subscribed to your list for a reason — the odds of discovering loyal followers here are very much in your favor! Throwing in incentives can help move the needle faster and encourage them to take action.

Create a simple “ambassador application” form for easy submission. Be sure to collect the following information:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Contact information
  • Social media profiles
  • Why do they want to be an ambassador?
  • Why do they think they’d be a good fit for your brand?
  • How would they participate as an ambassador and help get the word out?

2. Your Social Media Channels

Most brand ambassadors live on social media. Posting on your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok pages is an excellent way to notify potential candidates that you’re looking for participants. Consider running paid social ads — this way, you can target exactly who you’re looking for by zoning in on specific demographics. For example, if you sell athletic gear, you can target fitness instructors with active Facebook pages.

3. Hashtag Searches and Direct Messaging

Conduct a search using hashtags that are relevant to your industry and/or brand on Instagram. Keep an eye out for content that appears in “Top Posts.” This will help you focus on users with a healthy following and content that aligns with your messaging and niche. Once you’ve identified some great fits for your brand, reach out to these people and start a conversation with a personalized direct message (DM) about your ambassador program.

4. Utilize Guest Posting

One surefire way to reach your demographic is by contacting influential blogs and digital magazines that focus on your industry or niche. To help sponsor the post, offer to host a giveaway or some incentive in exchange for a mention about your program. This will significantly expand your reach to help you connect with potential ambassadors and new customers.

5. Your Customers

Don’t forget to reach out to satisfied customers about your ambassador program! This will likely inspire repeat business because they’ll form a deeper relationship with your company. Furthermore, many of your existing customers will participate in your program for the opportunity to receive free gifts and exclusive “VIP” deals.

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