Is Instagram For Contractors?

The construction projects our teams work on each day are impressive. From the amount of materials used and the number of workers involved, to the heavy equipment needed, everything about construction is amazing. Influencers in the social media realm may even say the projects are “share-worthy.” While most contractors aren’t known for being social media experts, many have utilized Facebook and LinkedIn platforms to showcase their professional capabilities while also building awareness of their product and service offerings.

Through the years, Instagram has quickly risen through the social media ranks to become one of the most prominent social applications. Once thought to be geared toward younger generations, Instagram is now a staple in many contractors’ digital marketing strategies. Let’s review the most prominent reasons why Instagram is an integral marketing tool for Contractors.

Stories Sell

Instagram has many unique features that enable organizations to showcase their products, services, and people. One of those features is called “stories.” Stories permit contractors to post images captured on project sites while grading, pouring concrete, laying asphalt, etc. The photos offer prospects a glimpse inside their day-to-day construction activities, improving relatability and growing trust with their following. To up their game, contractors add a branded hashtag to their story for optimum exposure.

Additionally, some organizations utilize the live stories feature to showcase videos of employees interacting with one another on a job site or participating in a live Q&A with their Instagram audience. Stories provide an enormous opportunity for contractors to interact with and build credibility with their following.

PRO TIP: While there is no rule of thumb when it comes to the number of times you should post a story, creating stories multiple times through the week will help you remain front and center in the eyes of your prospects.

Creative Elements Improve Construction Images

Instagram is well-known for having multiple image filters and design tools like stickers and text options that enable contractors to take what many would consider “boring” images and spice them up a bit.

Adding a hint of a creative element to each image allows contractors to share their brand personality while also attracting new eyes to their work.

Increase Brand Visibility with Hashtags

Instagram permits users to utilize up to 30 hashtags on each post. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is not using those 30 opportunities to match the keywords their ideal client uses during searches. To get the most out of your keywords, it’s best to do your market research and then develop a hashtag strategy. Implementing a strategy may be the difference between having limited traction on Instagram versus watching posts go viral amongst the construction community. Hashtag selection is the easiest way to separate your company from others within your industry.

Many organizations utilize a mixture of branded, popular, and unique hashtags to reach an optimum level of prospects. Branded hashtags are hashtags specific to your organization. For instance, if your organization’s name is “The Paving Company,” a branded hashtag would be #thepavingcompany. An example of a popular hashtag would be #paving, and an example of a unique hashtag would be #bostonpaving.

Using a mixture of branded, geotagged, popular, and unique hashtags enables your content to reach a broader cross-section of prospects.

Engagement Opportunities on the Go

Instagram is a mobile application, making it easily accessible on the job, at home, or anywhere in between. The ease of use with the app creates numerous opportunities to engage with prospects and clients at any point throughout the day. Whether it be interacting on your business page by responding to comments and messages or “liking” and commenting on vendors’ posts — engaging on Instagram is a fool-proof way to build visibility with your ideal client.

Position Your Business for Success

Instagram is all about positioning. Suppose you want to be considered the go-to contractor in your region or state. In that case, you need to position yourself as one by sharing quality images, effectively using hashtags, and remaining consistent with posting. Another step in positioning your business for success is to complete your Instagram business page setup. Effective business pages are on-brand and employ clear and concise messaging. When it comes to your business profile, remember the following:

  • Clearly communicate your company’s products and service offerings
  • Include contact information
  • Provide a link to your website


Instagram allows organizations of any size to truly flex their brand muscles and be visible on an international stage. Contractors who focus on building and implementing an Instagram strategy will ultimately position themselves as reputable and industry-leading experts.

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