Is LinkedIn For Contractors?

LinkedIn is a powerful and popular business networking platform for entrepreneurs, business leaders, college students, and organizations. The platform allows users to showcase their professional abilities and competencies while helping organizations propel products and services into the marketplace.

It only makes sense that construction professionals looking to make a splash in the industry should learn the “ins and outs” of maximizing their experience on the platform. Let’s review the key benefits contractors note when strategically engaging on LinkedIn.

Showcase Capabilities

A website is a great way to present an overview of the products and services that make your organization unique. However, a business-focused social platform like LinkedIn allows contractors to display the day-to-day project results that undoubtedly garner prospective clients’ attention.

When it comes to highlighting project capabilities on LinkedIn, here are a few tips that digital-savvy contractors suggest you keep in mind:

  • Use high-quality project images
  • Showcase project managers, superintendents, and crews
  • Discuss new concepts or technology utilized
  • Detail project parameters, including the scope or bid amount
  • Identify both unique and popular materials used

By showcasing the organization’s product and service capabilities, contractors are strategically building brand awareness and quickly becoming industry authorities.

Find and Connect with Prospects

Pavement managers, municipality leaders, HOA board members, city and county supervisors, and other influential prospects are on LinkedIn soaking up content each day. Utilizing the platform to find and connect with prospects is a huge benefit to the construction community.

LinkedIn search options allow you to query by individual name, business name, location, or industry, making it incredibly simple to identify those on LinkedIn who fit your ideal client parameters. LinkedIn offers multiple options to connect with those individuals via a private invite, a direct message, or networking through a mutual connection.

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn also offers group features that allow contractors to network and share project highlights with other contractors, vendors, and industry personnel. Consistently engaging in industry-specific groups is a fantastic way to become recognized as an industry supporter and leader.

Keep a Pulse on Industry Trends

There is a lot of value in being at the forefront of industry trends. Not only does it allow an organization to shape the industry, but it also creates an enormous opportunity for them to gain industry notoriety. On the flip side, navigating business on the back end of industry trends can be detrimental to an organization. Being slow to adapt to technological advances or product innovation can create a wedge between contractors and clients.

Many contractors are finding value using LinkedIn hashtag search features to stay updated on relevant or trending topics within the industry. Hashtag searches allow a contractor to peruse the entire LinkedIn content library for relevant data. Hashtag searches also support contractors’ efforts to fully immerse themselves into the construction community and become educated on industry trends promoted by well-known thought leaders. Popular hashtags in the construction sector include:

  • #constructionlife
  • #constructionworker
  • #constructionmanager
  • #contractor

Searching for relevant industry topics is one of the most efficient and effective ways to stay updated on trending topics.

PRO TIP: Many contractors use unique hashtag searches to network outside their first-degree acquaintances. Unique construction-focused hashtags include #womeninconstruction, #constructioninnovation, #civilengineering, #sitework, and #designbuild.  

Expand Business Reach Beyond Geographic Area

While many business owners focus on building their presence locally and in a defined service area, LinkedIn allows contractors to expand their online reach to new geographic regions. Most notably, it gives an organization the ability to gauge interest in developing or expanding markets beyond its current location.

By networking with vendors, industry leaders, and prospects, contractors can perform due diligence on a market area. Furthermore, they can implement a digital presence in that geographic location that piques the interest of prospects long before they have a physical presence with equipment or offices.


While contractors aren’t necessarily known for being digitally savvy, there has been a very prominent presence of construction entities of all sizes making waves on LinkedIn. With a platform that can connect businesses to highly influential industry leaders and well-known brands, building a strong network on LinkedIn creates a ton of leverage contractors can use to their advantage.

Furthermore, LinkedIn is quickly becoming the place for contractors who want to understand what’s happening with their target audience, stay top of mind with their professional network, and build an audience to share their content. With decades of experience growing the digital brands for contractors worldwide, Lead Revenue offers best in class support and guidance to contractors ready to take their next step into the digital age. Contact us today!

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