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Lead Revenue, LLC announced today the appointment of Brian Hess, as both Partner and the company’s President. 

Brian Hess currently serves as President and CEO of The Pavement Group, a full-service pavement management company headquartered out of Pittsburgh, PA. He also serves as President of Top Contractor School, an educational community that helps construction leaders build successful businesses through live training sessions, mentorship, and individual coaching. Hess brings sharp business acumen, combined with unique, real hands-on, contractor knowledge to help contractors successfully propel their digital marketing strategies.

Hess was introduced to Lead Revenue in early 2020, while seeking a digital marketing company to grow The Pavement Group’s brand and visibility online within the construction vertical. Upon achieving significant results in a relatively short time, Hess began referring other construction clients in his network to Lead Revenue to help them achieve the same results. In June 2020, Hess accepted a position on the Board of Directors of Lead Revenue, with the goal of educating the construction industry on the benefits of digital marketing at a higher level.

As more and more construction clients of Lead Revenue began achieving success from the organization’s digital marketing strategy, Hess saw an opportunity to invest and became a partner and owner of Lead Revenue. 

As the newly appointed President of Lead Revenue, Hess is one of the first construction-focused business owners who also presides over a digital marketing company.

About Lead Revenue

Lead Revenue brings a digital playbook to all businesses that is unparalleled. With over 20+ years of experience, Lead Revenue has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to scale businesses digitally, regardless of the industry.

In addition to Lead Revenue’s cutting-edge, technological know-how, they bring unique digital sales expertise to the table. With their state-of-the-art arsenal of highly-advanced, technologically savvy tools, they help businesses drive more leads, increase traffic, and generate more sales.

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