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Forbes recently interviewed 1000 businesses and 79% of businesses say that offering live engagement on your website, mobile device, Social Media and third-party sites leads to more revenue, more leads and more satisfied customers.

Live Reply (Live Chat Service) goes one step further. We Guarantee to Double your website leads or provide a 100% refund!

‘We’ve received over 200+ additional leads in the first 24 hours! If you need to convert your website traffic into leads, sign up for Live Reply!’ – Juan C.

Join the hundreds of customers who use Live Reply (Live Chat Service) for 365-day coverage 24/7!

We have you covered even while you sleep!

Imagine going to the office and having an extra 10+ leads waiting for you when you arrive! We engage your customers even when your business is closed. Often times your website has more traffic from 10PM – 1AM compared to any other time of the day. Let us help you capitalize on these customers. 


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How we are different:

  • Only US based chat operators with extensive training. 
  • Our job is to learn your business so we can truly take your business Online. 
  • Plus, an unprecedented lead guarantee! We guarantee to double your leads, or we will refund you 100% of the money you have paid! Yes, we are that good!
  • Tremendous savings. We convert your existing traffic allowing you to get more qualified leads that are ready to close. Even when your business is closed. 
  • We have helped many businesses around the country avoid having to make expensive extra hires. We take and convert customers better than anyone in the business. 

Live Reply by Lead Revenue is the top-of-the-line chat, text and social conversion tool on the market!

Our robust Live Reply system is incredibly unique and has been intricately built from the ground up. Our team of U.S. based Live Reply agents are the most experienced, qualified and well trained in the business. Each and every Live Reply chat operator on the Live Reply team completes an intense training and immerses themselves in your product before they ever take a chat. A unique set of customized transcripts will be created for use for each and every Live Reply operator. These transcripts will be fine-tuned by you to provide as specific information as you would like. Our Live Reply chat operators rely on these customized transcripts to always respond to questions with efficiency and provide accurate answers to your online customers. These transcripts can be fine-tuned and modified at any time.

Installation integration is simple.

We will send your website/tech manager a customized code and he/she will install this on your website. That’s it! Your business is up and running with Live Reply operators on your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year! For every Live Reply chat completed, a copy of the chat transcript will be sent to you, immediately.

What to be excited about?!

Within the first 30 days, you will expect your conversion rates to double or more by simply adding our Live Reply to your website! On average, most business website conversion rates are very low because online customers go to these websites
and the business owners never know that these online customers are present. These online customers want to engage immediately with someone at these businesses. By having Live Reply chat operators on your website 24/7, we will proactively engage your online customers by being their virtual concierge while they are browsing and perhaps shopping on your website. We will engage your online customers and turn these unidentified shoppers into leads for your business!

We guarantee that our Live Reply by Lead Revenue System will double your current website leads. If it doesn’t, we will cancel the agreement and refund all monies paid! This applies to Live Reply Tier 2 and Tier 3 service.

Double Your Leads In 5 Steps:

Step One: Sign up for Live Reply
Step Two: Install Live Reply Code into Website Footer
Step Three: Approve of Detailed Response Guide
Step Four: Check Your Email
Step Five: Find Leads

Our operators will collect contact data and then distribute that lead to you, your team or anybody that you would like to receive that lead. We can distribute your leads into your CRM, into your email or any other application you prefer!

Yes! When we compare how many leads you receive with our Live Reply against your historical data and if we do not see a 2X increase, we will give you your money back - no questions asked.

At setup, we will send you a detailed ‘Response Guide’ that will outline how our operators will respond to your customers. If there are any specific questions you would like them to know the answers to, just include it in the document and our operators will follow that script.

Immediately upon purchasing Live Reply, we will quickly customize and format your chat and text message assets with your logo and branding. We will then email you your unique code to install into your website. Copy, paste and save! That’s it!

Most clients are able to turn Live Reply on their website within 24 hours.

Live Reply is priced per URL. We provide discounts for 10+ URLs.

Absolutely! We do it for you.

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