The Top 3 Benefits Of Branding

Every company has a story.Branding provides you with a platform to tell that narrative.

What’s the first thing you think of when you hear “running shoes?” Is it Nike? Or maybe Adidas? Why do those companies come to mind? What makes us conjure a company’s name when we think of something like an everyday product?

The influential power of branding.

Intelligent and influential branding allows companies to become much more than just a name.

Here’s how.

1. Branding Makes You Memorable

Consistent and well-developed branding leaves a lasting imprint on your target audience. Crafting a memorable brand heavily affects your company’s success and bottom line. Richy branded companies spend less money on advertising and have an easier time engaging with potential customers via social media. Branded companies also garner more platform and website traffic, higher click-throughs, conversions, and meaningful engagement. This is where the magic happens.

PRO TIP: Social media is designed to be social. Make sure you’re actively posting content with that all-important human element and personal touch. Your target audience doesn’t want to see advertisements while scrolling through their feeds and looking at pictures of Aunt Betty; they want to connect with you. They want to socialize. Take advantage of the opportunity to truly identify with these individuals in an effective and meaningful way.

2. Branding Makes You Stand Out in an Over-saturated Market

There’s no way to quantify the vast number of global companies. And branding is the tool that will allow you to stand out from the crowd: It gives your company a unique and savvy edge in an increasingly competitive market.

An established branding strategy differentiates you from the competition, especially in industries that offer similar products and services with little deviations. If your company has an established identity—a compelling voice and story—you can offer those same products and services at a higher success rate; it’s your ability to stand out and connect with others that will seal the deal.

PRO TIP: Standing out is a challenge. Using singular methods to make a lasting impression on your target audience is especially important for small businesses. For example, there’s a huge upward trend in clever social media marketing strategies—such as collaborating and partnering with influencers—and you should only expect this to rise in the years to come. Make sure you keep up with the pace and don’t get lost in the crowd!

3. Branding is often the Deciding Factor for a Consumer’s Purchasing Decisions

Consumers are far more likely to purchase products or services from brands they know—or feel like they know. This is proven time and again. They are also more likely to spend money on companies they associate positive emotions with. This is pertinent in the competitive world of social media and digital marketing. At the end of the day, the vast majority of customers choose to buy from brands they recognize and appreciate.

Influential branding cultivates credibility, trust, and a sense of community. When you build these pillars, customers will remember you and want to do business with someone they consider a friend.

PRO TIP: Customers who feel connected to your company will show loyalty. They will drive up your revenue with repeat purchases, and they will even refer their families and friends to you.

Lead Revenue will Build and Advance Your Brand

Branding is the cornerstone of digital marketing. At Lead Revenue, we go far beyond our competition by not only implementing proven SEO practices, but through the depth of our involvement in creating highly customized content. We offer advanced social media creation and management; our team of experts will dedicate themselves to capturing and amplifying your company’s voice and personality.

Your brand’s story should include its literal history—such as how, when, and why it was founded—as well as the story of the role your company plays in your customers’ lives. We will help you develop that narrative and share it with the world.

Ready to tell your company’s story? Schedule a free consultation to see how we can significantly boost your leads, increase your traffic, generate more sales, and help your brand become both unforgettable and unstoppable.

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