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Video Marketing Basics for the Digital Contractor

With an enormous amount of educational content available online, it becomes incredibly important to attract and retain potential clients’ attention. So how do you make a potential client want to learn more about your products and services or hire you to complete their construction project? 

Many business owners have found that producing video content to engage with potential clients has been the key to garnering their business. For that reason, video marketing has become one of the fastest-growing trends in social media. It has also become the go-to marketing tool for contractors ready to show up online as an industry authority and gain prospective clients’ attention and trust.

Video Capabilities

Utilizing video as part of your construction marketing efforts makes sense for several reasons. First and foremost, it is easily accessible to anyone who has an internet connection and a computer or smartphone. Second, people enjoy watching video content because it is an easier way to consume content versus reading it. 

Furthermore, video content humanizes the sales process. Having an actual person speaking to you via video ultimately makes consumers feel valued, making the sales process seem more than merely a business transaction. 

So how is the construction industry tying into the versatility and ease of video content? Contractors are using educational videos in their sales process to:

  • View and Discuss Material Failures
  • Provide Product Demonstrations
  • Convey Quick Tips
  • Respond to Frequently Asked Questions
  • Share Product Reviews and Client Testimonials

Remember, you do not need professional equipment or cameras for your videos. While drone footage of your construction project provides a professional look and feel, it is not required. Mobile phone camera technology has improved dramatically over the years, making it a useful tool for creating short videos at the office or on the project site. 

Benefits of Using Video Marketing

One of the most notable benefits of video marketing is that it levels the playing field for small businesses. No matter your construction business’s size, a well-thought-out video marketing strategy will undoubtedly garner your ideal client’s attention. 

Another benefit of incorporating video into your marketing strategy includes improved search engine ranking. When clients stay on your website longer to view video content, Google assumes that you provide high-quality content and thus rates that piece of content higher on search rankings. 

Furthermore, when placing video content on a landing page or sales page, consumers more often than not elect to seek further information. This translates to a client requesting a meeting in the construction world, eventually resulting in a work order or purchase order. Generally speaking, video content will produce a higher return on investment than written content. 

Video Best Practices

When it comes to cultivating a video presence, there are a few best practices to consider:

1. Keep video content relatively short

When posting to social media, consider keeping the length of videos between 30 seconds and 2 minutes. Viewers on platforms like YouTube will often watch longer videos, ranging from a few minutes on up.

2. Vary your topics

There will never be a lack of topics to address within the construction sector. With that in mind, consider that each client may have a different demand or need. The more you diversify your video topics, the higher the likelihood of attracting more clients to your work. 

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to produce “Live” videos, which offers your audience the chance to hop on to social media and see your video in real-time. Live videos further enhance the consumer’s trust while creating a more engaging opportunity to view your products and services.


If you’re still on the fence as to whether video marketing is a good fit for your organization, consider this: Would you be more inclined to read an article about line striping or watch a video of it? Would you prefer to read about the challenges associated with pavement deterioration or see quick video clips of pavement deterioration? Viewing content will always be more powerful than reading it, and that’s why posting videos on your website and social pages will gain the interest of new and existing clients. 

We live in a digital world, which can seem a bit unengaging and impersonal at times. Many people desire more connectivity to the people behind the products and services they buy. When you can create that connection through video, it is powerful.

The team at Lead Revenue LLC has over a decade of experience fine-tuning client interactions with the use of digital media. Are you interested in adding video to your digital marketing presence? Contact us today!

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