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In today’s business arena, people are focused on driving more and more traffic to their business website.

Google and Facebook are among the most profitable companies on the planet, they are the only ones that win big as more and more customers join the advertising trend! People are thinking they “Have” to spend money on these venues. My question to you, why are you throwing thousands of dollars in advertising to these companies when your site is converting at around 1%? Yes, that is correct, 1%. If you get 5000 visitors to your website, only around 50 of those people leave contact information through a contact form. That means that 4950 people are on your website and you never hear from them! Now let’s say you spend $5000 with Google and Facebook and drive another 3000 people to the site, sounds like a good idea! Only to find out the hard way that is a huge mistake! The conversion rates are even going farther down. Yes, on paid search, conversion goes down! Even below 1%. Paid traffic converts less than organic. This is no myth. So, my big question is WHY? Why throw good money down the drain? The problem is not your traffic.


More is not always better.

The problem is your website! Lead Revenue has decided to do something about this problem. We have proven ways to increase conversion from 1% to 6-7%! Through our website optimization program you can win! I am not saying never spend money to drive more people to your website. What I am saying is first dial in your website by increasing conversion. Then if your business can handle more traffic, implement advertising to increase traffic to your site. Let Lead Revenue help with website optimization to help you grow business and revenue to record levels!


With the Tier three plan, you will receive a 12-month strategy plan, which will include a multitude of optimized changes that will result in continual gains for the 12-month period. All ads, graphics or coupons that you launch will all be built with conversion in mind. Currently, our client's websites are converting at over 10%. We will dramatically increase your website performance resulting in record revenue and sales!

Google my business has been recently responsible for 55% of most website traffic as there was a major overhaul in January 2020. With the Tier three plan, we will optimize your Google my business page to showcase specials, Ads, Text messaging, Multiple departments and more. If you want more traffic and better converting traffic, this is a MUST service!

The playing field for SEO has been leveled. Google my business now drives the bulk of all website traffic. Blackhat and trickery SEO tactics is a thing of the past. Content creation is really the remaining factor to drive extra traffic to your website. Conversion optimization is the missing ingredient in 99% of all websites. With the Tier three plan, we will provide engaging weekly content creation!

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